Most people are familiar with the Invisalign system, an easy and nearly invisible way to straighten teeth. But did you know there is an Invisalign Express system for simple changes? If you have had braces in the past but things have moved or shifted slightly, you may be a candidate! If there are minor corrections that you would like to make to improve your smile, you might be a candidate!
Invisalign Express refers to a shorter treatment length compared to regular Invisalign. This is solely based on the number of aligners needed to achieve your goal of straightening your teeth. Invisalign Express is used to treat minor crowding and spacing.
Dr. Miller can assess your smile and see if you qualify for the Invisalign Express.
For our patients we work closely with you to determine your goals. You have the opportunity to consult with Dr. Miller on your ideas for treatment time, finances and end result before you commit to treatment. This allows our patients to be part of the treatment process.