Manhattan Beach Self-Ligating Braces | The Damon System® | Empower®

Self-Ligating Braces: The Damon System® and Empower®

Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and Southbay

damonSelf-ligating braces resemble traditional braces, but they work without the metal or elastic ligatures employed by conventional braces to help shift your teeth.

Manhattan Beach orthodontist Dr. JD Miller is pleased to offer two styles of self-ligating braces that use archwires and moveable brackets to straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile and optimal bite. To learn if self-ligating braces are right for you or your child, please call Surfside Smiles Orthodontics today at 310-947-1810.

Empower® Self-Ligating Braces

Empower utilizes small brackets that are contoured for exceptional comfort; they also provide precision in your individual teeth-straightening treatment. For the right patients, Empower offers more efficient treatment than traditional braces.

Empower’s patented design eliminates metal or elastic ties in favor of a clip-like system that holds the archwires. Empower further uses two different clip types for highly customized control in your unique bite correction treatment.

The Damon System®

The Damon System also features compact brackets, but its ligature-less slide device allows the archwires to move within the brackets.

The Damon System’s comfortable self-ligating braces help reduce friction during treatment and typically require fewer office visits and adjustments when compared to conventional braces. The Damon System is also available with clear brackets.

While self-ligating braces can effectively treat a range of bite conditions in patients of varying ages, they are not the best orthodontic treatment for everyone. Your detailed exam will determine the right solution for your unique needs.

If you live in the Manhattan Beach area and would like to learn if self-ligating braces are appropriate for you or your child, please contact Surfside Smiles Orthodontics to schedule your free personal consultation with Dr. Miller.