Do you often wake up in the morning with a sore jaw? When you bit do you feel that your jaw is lopsided? If so, you may need occlusal adjustment.
If a dentist or orthodontist recommends an occlusal adjustment it is probably because they feel your bite is not coming together properly. An occlusal adjustment is the intentional mechanical grinding of selected biting surfaces of teeth to improve the contact of or relationship between opposing tooth surfaces, their supporting structures, the muscles of mastication, and the temporomandibular joints.
To start this low pain process, your dentist or orthodontist will put carbon paper between your teeth and have you bite in centric relation, as your teeth hit and slide in occlusal relation, the paper will leave marks. The dentist or orthodontist will remove these interferences. The adjusted amounts are usually minimal and should cause no sensitivity. The goal is to have all teeth touch evenly in centric relation.
If you suspect you may need occlusal adjustment please schedule an appointment.