The length of orthodontic treatment varies for each patient, however, the average patient only has to wear braces for 16-18 months!! The average time using Invisalign is only 10-14 months! Gone are the days were someone had to wear braces for well over two years to get that perfect smile! Of course, the length of treatment varies depending on the type of bite problem we are correcting. Here are some other things that can make the time it takes to achieve that perfect smile faster than you ever thought possible.

1. Wear your rubber bands. Dr. Miller often asks patients to wear rubber bands to help the teeth move in certain directions. The patients that tend to get their braces off the soonest are the same patients that are really committed to wearing their elastics.
2. Avoid broken brackets or lost Invisalign aligners. Hard, sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods can break the brackets off the teeth, which requires us to repair the bracket and take a step back in treatment. Being careful of your braces while eating is very important to a speedy treatment time!

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your smile, or the health of you bite, call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller.