In many cases for adults with braces, tooth extractions are necessary. When an adult has too much crowding there is only so much that can be done with braces and appliances. By removing teeth, the orthodontist will have room to bring other teeth into their proper position.
While this procedure is much more common with adults because their growth has come to an end, the treatment is also available and recommended for children with extreme crowding. In many cases the orthodontist will try to use braces and available appliances for children before recommending them to an oral surgeon for an extraction. An orthodontist can usually tell if you will need an extraction within the first year of treatment.
Once an extraction is completed your orthodontist will start to work around the pocket and pull teeth into their correct place. The rest of your treatment rolls out as normal and you will see results each adjustment. Crowded teeth treatment can be a complex case, however traditional metal braces are designed and highly effective for the task at hand.